Felix Pujols's Portfolio Project

Felix Pujols's Portfolio Project

Felix Pujols

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During the CareerFoundry Full-Stack Web Development Program, you’ll build out a job-ready portfolio.

Here is a breakdown of graduate Felix’s project, ARS Reclama; an app that enables doctors and physical therapists to store and manage their patients’ information. If you’d like to visit his full portfolio, head over to his website.

Felix completed our Full-Stack Web Development Program in February 2019 and is now working full time as a developer.

What inspired you to make a career change into this field?

“As I was programming micro-controllers I realised how much I like to use my energy to program. Then I decided to learn a bit of online programming based on tutorials.  A month after I decided to go further with CareerFoundry and it was the best thing. I certified as a web developer with all the required knowledge”.

Introducing his project, Felix said:

“Based on the fact that doctors and physical therapists need a better way to store and manipulate their patients information, we created ARS Reclama. We used Zeplin as the collaboration tool to share the designs in code format.”

Tools used:

Rails, JavaScript, Jquery, Ajax, PostgreSQL, Git, Bootstrap, Heroku, sass, Zeplin, draw.io

ars wireframes

As I was developing the application from scratch covering all software areas, many challenges were arising.

The ability to modify the customer information in the database from outside the update form which is the normal way to do it, was a challenge and I solved it using a gem for this specific type of case. Some of the challenges I can mention:

  • Print and save the customer information at the same time
  • Modify the customer info from the show view
  • Updating the information when modifying the customer info in the show view

Most of them were solved using gems and new techniques.

ars 2

The next step was to find the fastest way to access the data in the database to increase the speed of the web app.

For this I used ajax and I put a limit on the amount of request that the page normally does in the index view. I reduced the amount of pages to load replacing them with modals.

ars 3

Finally, the result was amazing. A web application that allow doctors and physical therapists to store and print their customer information.

The response of our customers was positive—we made their work a lot easier. Some of them had no internet connection, so we used docker to convert the app offline.

ars 6

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