How it works

Whether you’re forging a career in design, web development, digital marketing, product management, or data analytics—here’s how a CareerFoundry program will kickstart your career-change journey.


Our career change programs are 100% online and asynchronous—so you can learn from the comfort of your home and on a schedule that’s compatible with the rest of your life. Here’s an overview of how it works.

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Our curriculum

Written by experts

Our instructional designers and editors work together with seasoned and skilled practitioners to create learning materials and project briefs that equip you with the industry knowledge and skills that will get you hired.

Continually updated content

We update our curriculum regularly to ensure that it's in sync with the industry. We identify the most in-demand knowledge and skills, then develop learning materials and projects to ensure that you’re job-ready.

Check out your new learning environment

Say hello to your team


Your CareerFoundry mentor is a seasoned professional we’ve hand-picked to provide industry insights, review your portfolio projects, and offer guidance on how to succeed in your field.


Your tutor is a course expert who actively works in the field and knows the curriculum back to front. They provide individual feedback on your assignments to ensure you’re on track.

Career specialist

Your career specialist knows the job market in your area and provides guidance as you refine your job search strategy, ensuring that you stand out—application to interview, and beyond.

Student advisor

Your student advisor is there to help you with course logistics and any concerns you have about your graduation timeline, billing, mentor or tutor relationship, and more.

Flexibly plan your study time

As a CareerFoundry student, you can study when and where you need to. You should plan to complete 2-3 tasks per week to stay on track for graduation.

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Create your portfolio with industry-standard tools

We’ve partnered up with industry-standard tool providers to make sure you have access to the tools you’ll likely use in your new career. Through free trials and special discounts exclusively available to CareerFoundry students, you’ll get to test out which tools work best for your needs.


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