Our dual mentorship model

Realize your fullest potential with the combination of industry insight and step-by-step support.


Get paired with not one, but two industry experts—your mentor and your tutor.

They're at the top of their game in your chosen field and work in tandem to inspire you to exceed your own expectations, providing individualized feedback and guidance as you work towards delivering your first project.

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Your mentor

Who exactly is your mentor?

Your mentor is a senior expert across a myriad of sectors, committed to empowering the next generation of tech. As a specialist in the field, they'll serve as your personal introduction to your new career.

How does your mentor support you?

Your mentor provides you with invaluable insights into working in your chosen field and ensures that the curriculum projects you work on are aligned with your long-term career goals. Together, you'll create a portfolio that will tell your story—and help you market your work experience to future employers and clients.


Your tutor

Who exactly is your tutor?

Your tutor is a course expert who works in the field. They know the curriculum back-to-front and inside-out, and are there to support you throughout your journey.

How does your tutor support you?

Your tutor is responsible for carefully evaluating your submissions and guiding you through each exercise. They'll provide constructive feedback within 24 hours—highlighting the areas you can improve on, and where you've made the biggest steps forward.

Mentors and tutors
all over the world

Work with a mentor based in your timezone
Get tailored feedback on your submissions within 24 hours and in-depth portfolio reviews within 48 hours, regardless of your location

Discover the benefits
of mentorship



of students who received one-on-one tutoring performed better on a test than students who were part of a ‘one teacher to thirty students’ classroom model.

Source: Educational Researcher


According to Forbes, employees who participated in a mentoring program were five times more likely to advance in pay grade.

Source: Forbes


Based on 14,000 student reviews across our courses, our mentors received an internal rating of 4.9/5.

Source: CareerFoundry Internal Student Reviews

Our mentors and tutors
want you to succeed.

No matter what walk of life you come from, they’ll meet you where you’re at with empathy, patience, and expertise—ready to cheer you on to the finish line.

Meet our mentors and tutors

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How do we guarantee the quality of the mentorship model?


Hiring and selection

We make sure prospective mentors and tutors are qualified to educate and empower tech's next generation. Our requirements include a first-class portfolio, a track record of top-tier work, and rock solid references to boot—not to mention a passion for teaching.


Support and development

Our dedicated Mentor Team works closely with our mentors to bring them up to speed on the latest tools and methods that will ensure a consistently high-quality experience across the student body. Offering ongoing coaching and guidance, they make sure our mentors are confident about addressing the specific needs and challenges of every student—regardless of background.


Mentor Advisory Board

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, CareerFoundry boasts an esteemed Mentor Advisory Board. Our Mentor Advisory Board members provide us with candid feedback on everything from our course selection to our internal processes, ensuring we provide an unmatched learning experience for our students.


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